Athlete Spotlight

Brianna Taylor

photo of Brianna Taylor
  • Name: Brianna Taylor
  • Sport: Women's Basketball
  • Favorite song: anything by Taylor Swift
  • Surprising fact: I love to read
  • Favorite movie: G.I. Jane
  • Favorite pro sports team: LA Clippers
  • Favorite food: Lasagna/Salmon

Is there any person in particular that you style your game after?

No one in particular but, if I could, I'd love to play like Kyrie Irving.

LeBron James or Michael Jordan and why?

MJ, because he is the original.

You can go one-on-one with anyone. Who do you pick and why?

If I could go one-on-one with anyone, I'd play Maya Moore or Candace Parker because I admire their games so much and I think they are among the best women's basketball players.